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Birthdate:Feb 22
I work in film production - lots of weird hours and as much travel as I can make happen. My biggest hobby has to be fangirling - participating in fan comms, reading fanfic, creating fanart and fanfic when the mood takes me.

For those of you needing an age statement, I'm most certainly of age in any country. :)

This journal does contain some adult content, including SLASH (male/male pairings). If you don't like it, don't click it.

Currently, my #1 love is Harry Potter. Been dabbling lately in my old love of X-Files and new love of X-Men (movieverse). Star Trek is making a run at it, we'll see if I can fend that off.

For fun, my 'ships. HP: I'll ship almost anyone with Harry. Slash OTP: Harry/Cedric, though there's so little I mostly read Snarry. Het OTP: Harry/Ginny. Yes, really. I actually like canon and try not to bitch about it. X-Files: OTP MSR. PotC: OTP Sparrabeth. X-Men: OTP Logan/Rogue. Buffy: OTP Buffy/Angel, though I'll ship almost anyone with Angel, esp. Faith or Spike.

I think that's it. :)
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